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The DeJarnette Children's Center was established in 1932 and was known as the DeJarnette sanitarium. It was originally intended to be a special private pay unit separate from the state supported Western State Hospital. During the 1930s, the DeJarnette Sanitoriun flourished .In 1938, the facility was more than doubled in size. It was very successful as a private paid facility . The sanitorium was maintained as an entirely self-supporting institution during its life as the DeJarnette Sanitorium.

In 1975, the DeJarnette Sanitorium was converted into a state supported children’s mental health facility. It changed its name to the DeJarnette Center. Extensive renovations were completed and an open cafeteria and new central lobby were built. This united the two original buildings into one complex.

The DeJarnette Children's Center in the 1930s
The DeJarnette Center in the 1930s when it was known as DeJarnette Sanitorium.
Source: Published by Coastal Parks Assn., Inc., Point Reyes, Calif. 94956

In 1981, emergency emissions were inaugurated and year round services were provided for hundreds of children and adolescents from many parts of Virginia. In 1982, Western State Hospital's children's unit closed and most of that program moved into the five-floor facility that at that time comprised the DeJarnette Center.

In 1996, the building was closed and a completely new structure was opened next door to the campus of Western State Hospital, which was close-by and also located in Staunton, Virginia. Since that time, the original halls of the DeJarnette Sanitarium have fallen into terrible disrepair. Throughout the interior construction of the building asbestos was used. Therefore, rehabilitating it would be a great undertaking with no potential for profit.

The DeJarnette Center is scheduled for demolition some time during 2007. A large shopping center with a Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant will take its place.

Below is a photo of the DeJarnette Children's Center as it stands today. The photo was taken on April 3, 2007. Please view my exteriors photo gallery for more pictures of the DeJarnette Center in ruins.

The DeJarnette Children's Center as it stands today. Photo taken on April 2, 2007.
The DeJarnette Center in ruins in 2007, awaiting demolition

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